Welcome to Creative Code!

Creative Code was founded by Laurence Wilks, a web developer with a proven track record of High Quality Creative Online & Mobile Development Solutions.
You'll immediately notice that Creative Code doesn't present itself as a large company, I don't say we when I mean me. Why is this important? I believe that the core of the services I offer is to provide a quality service and to be as transparent as possible. To find out more about what this means go to the 'about' section where I'll explain my way of working and why I've chosen this path.

What can Creative Code do for your company?

Web Hosting

Creative Code can provide various solutions to your hosting needs, the exact package supplied is dependant on your businesses needs and budget. Read more about hosting…

Design Services

Creative Code is about development but that doesn't mean I'm not design friendly, I can partner with your designer or I can introduce you to one of my design partners. Read more about design services…

Online Development

Online development is a grand way of saying I build websites BUT I see websites a business solutions so read more about how you can create or improve your online presence

Mobile Development

Mobile development is a growth area for both developers and companies, so if you want to make your companies mark on the mobile world read on…